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Stairlifts Bridgend
Installations & Repairs

Here at TJ Services we specialise in installing, servicing and repairing all makes and models of Stairlifts, Ceiling Track Hoists and Through Floor lifts.

Providing quality stairlift installations and repairs from the leading manufacturers at competitive prices, including Straight Stairlifts, Curved Stairlifts and Reconditioned Stairlifts.

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Quality Stairlift Installations and Repair Solutions

Our stairlifts are all battery powered, so even in the unlikely circumstances of a powercut you will still be able to use your Stairlift.

We offer:

  • Slim profile stairlifts for any narrow spaces
  • Manual and powered hinges where the track would otherwise obstruct a doorway
  • Choices of colours to match your interior
  • Seating options are available and all lifts come with a swivel seat

Quality, affordability and reliability are all key to purchasing any product. At TJ Services we are proud of the feedback we get from our customers. Consequently, we are pleased that they find our after service consistently good. Moreover, it's as good as the service we give when we make our first visit to survey the staircase and assess the user.

We have been involved in the service and repair of mobility products for over 18 years. Reassuringly, not only can we install the product but from day one you are dealing with a company that can service and repair your stair lift.

Stairlift Repairs

We repair all makes and models of chairlift including all the major stair lift companies and suppliers. For example, brands such as Acorn, Companion, Bison Bede, Brooks, Freelift, Minivator, Meditek and Stannah. We can relocate or remove stairlifts as required. We not only repair stairlifts that we have installed but will take on repairs on any stairlift no matter who installed them.

Stairlift Service Inspections

All manufacturers recommend that you service your stairlift once a year and we provide a full inspection. Our experienced team of engineers service and repair all makes and models of stairlifts. Call us today for full details.


Curved Stairlifts Bridgend
Stairlifts Bridgend Installations and Repair Solutions
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Arjo ceiling track hoists

Arjo Logo

HOISTS - ceiling track hoists

A ceiling track hoist is quick and easy to use
It is never in the way and always where you need it. Consequently, this constant availability, means it is more likely to be used by caregivers than a mobile hoist which may not be to hand immediately when it is required.

Positioning a person is easier with a ceiling track hoist
It eliminates the risk of back injury for caregivers when performing a transfer and requires minimum effort to operate . In most cases it can be operated by one person. Additionally, there is much closer contact between the user and the caregiver so can be more dignified to use than other solutions. A person is more easily positioned using the ceiling track hoist. Therefore, they can be raised lowered turned and traversed with no physical effort from the caregiver.

It can lift higher and lower than a mobile hoist
The same hoist can be used for floor to chair transfer, chair to shower stretcher, raised bath, or bed.

A simple system can be fitted in a few hours
More complex systems can cover whole floors of buildings and allow transfer at any point.

In the home
It is a major contributor to quality of life and can often enable a person to remain or return to their homes, otherwise hospitalisation would be necessary. Therefore, in some cases the ceiling track hoist gives the opportunity for a measure of independence.

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Through Floor Lifts

Quality, Compact and Discreet

Our through home lifts are designed to blend in with your home and make it easier for you to use the new addition. The home lifts are compact and take up minimal space, making them an ideal choice for smaller homes.

Our range of through home lifts offer a soft start and stop with a compact footprint and remote-control call stations. Consequently, this makes them ideal for use by multiple people in the same house. Reassuringly, they are compliant with all the set regulation and fitted with battery backup to keep them running even when there’s a power outage.

To guarantee the best onboard experience, our entire range of through home lifts are fitted with a state-of-the-art self-levelling mechanism. This makes them more useful particularly to users who are in a wheelchair. Moreover, we have installed numerous safety features, so the lifts are not only functional but also safe for all users.

Customised Through Lifts for Your Home

Excellent Mobility Engineering for Your Home

Wessex Lifts

Wessex lifts

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Elderly & disabled Stairlifts Gallery

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